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About PowerLine

Charles Spoto , the owner of NTP, is the owner of a world class satellite uplink truck company providing remote satellite transmission for ESPN, FOX Sports, ABC, CBS and NBC and events like the Super Bowl. Mr. Spoto has extensive experience building and testing model jet turbines. The jet turbines used are the same type used in military drones around the globe. With this level of expertise, Spoto and his team have designed the PowerLine tethered drone system to perform duties in television news, sports, first responders, surveillance, border patrol, military, and homeland security. The design has been built in conjunction with a worldwide accepted drone platforms by DJI . The DJI platforms have FLIR cameras and a zoom lens available which makes most all other drone platforms obsolete. The DJI INSPIRE 2, INSPIRE 1, M200, M210 & M600 yields a high performance system at a price unmatched in the industry.