Tethered Drones/Unlimited Power

AutoTrack Tensioning

About PowerLine

PowerLine Tethered Drone Systems are high-performance, unmanned aircraft vehicles and tether systems that offer capabilities unmatched in the industry. Our platforms support a wide range of highly intelligent payloads through tethered power and communications systems and keep them airborne for 24/7 operations.

PowerLine drones are engineered from the ground up to be tethered systems and are more durable and fly higher, longer, and carry larger payloads than battery-powered platforms that are modified to use tethered power. PowerLine systems are used by private industry, military, federal, and law enforcement agencies for various applications such as intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR), telecommunications, and live broadcast video feed.

PowerLine Tethers integrate with off-the-shelf UAS to provide unlimited, reliable, and redundant power to the drone.

Manufactured by Menet Aero, PowerLine products are engineered and built in the U.S. using U.S. manufactured components and comply with Executive Orders 13981 and 14005 and NDAA FY 2020 Section 848.